I’ve joined as a Research Scientist at Drift in Seattle, WA managing its Research and Development. I lay the groundwork for Drift’s state-of-the-art grid technologies.  

Drift enables freedom with your electricity. For the first time, retail consumers can choose their Power Mix of where their electricity comes from. You may choose exactly how much renewable energy as opposed to conventional energy you would like to be supplied with. Drift is a energy retail aggregator in the New York region and participates in the New York Independent System […]

My new journal paper in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems is available for viewing. More information below Sarker, M.R.; Pandzic, H.; Ortega-Vazquez, M.A, “Optimal Operation and Services Scheduling for an Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Station,” Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on , vol.PP, no.99, pp.1,10

I received the first place prize for best research in the graduate students category at the Electric Energy Industrial Consortium (EEIC) Poster Contest. The title of my poster was Residential Appliance Models for Optimal Price-Based Control via an Aggregator. The audience enjoyed my topic due to the ability to relate to my field of research. There were representatives from PNNL, […]