My new journal paper in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids is available for viewing. More information below Sarker, M.R.; Ortega-Vazquez, M.A.; Kirschen, D.S., “Optimal Coordination and Scheduling of Demand Response via Monetary Incentives,” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1,1

Utility companies around the world use incentives to pay consumers who perform demand response. Usually these customers are large companies, factories, etc. To reap the benefits of the incentives, the consumer must have a certain baseload demand usage. I have gathered widely used incentive programs currently (2013) in the market. These programs are gathered from [1] [2] [3]. Scheduled Load […]

Recently, I have been attempting to find information about Distribution System Operator’s (DSO) in the United States but have had a difficult time. After the restructuring of the power system in the U.S., proper documentation is present for Independent System Operator (ISO), and other entities but a lack of documentation for DSO. I found that DSOs are still connected with […]